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The 30 Day Sprint to build your Productivity Protocol

Get more done in 30 days than you usually do in 3 months, while also learning the techniques and frameworks to know what to focus on, to optimise time management and to increase productivity.

30 day work sprint and content program

Content and tasks delivered online via daily email and SMS

Weekly group Done Day sprint session via Zoom (optional)

30+ techniques and frameworks for enhancing your productivity (5-15mins per day)

Cohort-based via a community Slack

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone who wants to have the most product month of their life while simultaneously learning the frameworks and techniques to find focus, optimise time management and increase productivity.

How the program will change you.

By the end of this program you will have practiced and developed your own customised Productivity Protocol for getting far more of the right stuff done in less time with far less stress.

How the program works.

This is a facilitated 30 day work sprint which also combines content on techniques for optimising your use of time. The program is entirely online, with a cohort of others just like you. Every day for 30 days we will send you a new technique for time management and productivity, as well as a weekly facilitated online Done Day productivity sprint for working through your top priorities.

  • Duration: 30 days

  • Content time required: 5mins per day

  • Format: online via email and SMS

  • Weekly work sprint: optional weekly facilitated work sprint via Zoom

  • Community: Join our community Slack and learn from your fellow cohort members as they share reflections on their progress.

What should I use the sprint for?

It's entirely up to you what you bring in on your To Do list for the month - it can be business related or life admin, perhaps launching a new product, hitting a sales target, planning or strategy. At the start of the program we will help you prepare your To Do lists to get the most from the sprint.

About the content.

The concepts, techniques and content in our programs are those used by the world's highest achievers and are backed by the latest research and neuroscience. This program isn't a theoretical study or academic course - this is about getting your hands dirty experimenting with practical micro-tasks and techniques you can adapt to make work for you.

The details:

Next program commences: Sunday 7 May

Price: AUD$297 (inc gst)


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